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Jul 1, 2012
Well I will try an intro.
I have been shooting and hunting since the mid 60s as a kid. I started with shotguns and doves, and eventually went to bigger game and rifles. I will not shoot competition but I do have friendly bets at the range.
I have lived in AZ, SC, KS, Southeast AK and Now western CO. Like many, hunting was for food I could not afford any other way but to gather it my self, I also use shooting for relaxation. I started into handguns in southeast AK because I could not afford a boat and did back country hiking and camping with my family where the brownies lived. As for the larger magnums I picked them up after a 3006 and a 454 was the largest guns we had when we ended up in a brownies hunting ground and it let us know we were not welcomed. (In KS and 06 is more than adequate, 2nd thank God my son didn’t shoot the Sitka)
I still have a bunch of hobbies now that I am retired, and this is one of them. I guess like many we go to these sights to get info quickly to pick the experts brains so to speak and see if we can use it of not.
I look at practical performance of what ever I own and if it is usable. Example a friend of mine is into Corvettes, me when I first see them I want to get under the car and into the hood to see how it works and what the specs are.
I bring that philosophy to hunting and shooting. I will most likely incorporate the skills others developed into my experiences, and pass them onto to my adult children and grand children.
I do read more than I write.
As for forums, I will most likely loose where, the hell I wrote this thread. I do it all the time. It is like tools in the garage when I am working, where did I put that socket? Even though I am staring right at it.
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