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Dec 23, 2009
LaPine Or.
How many ''ROPERS'' do you know that can still count to 10? Not too many. Its not because theyre dumb (Heck these guys show up with a nice horse, nice pickup, and more often than not, get the girls worth getting/Sorry ROUGHSTOCK guys, but its true) Simple digit dismemberment from mis-directed dallys is the culprit.
We ''ROUGHSTOCK'' guys often get the glory from our peers, and a jaded look from our mothers....afterall, ''ROUGHSTOCK is the most dangerous! Why cant you be a ROPER instead like Dan & Dustin, theyre nice boys?!?'' -mom. Well for ONCE mom was wrong! Sure we ROUGHSTOCK guys have our share of bumps, and bruises, with an ocasional broken bone or hospital stay(not to mention some SWEET best wrecks videos to bragg about), but when its all said and done, We ROUGHSTOCK riders can still appreciate a good crisp trigger! Yep ma, theres an up side to it all. See we spent our youth as adrennelin junkies wich better prepares us for lifes future adventures in far away places. We can sleep wherever we land. Were used to going it alone, and experts at self doctoring/medicating. And were already used to perfofming under pressure, so in the event of a Lion charge, or an angry Griz encounter were better prepared.....And see ma,I can still count to 10 and feel a trigger!!
Moms just dont get it sometimes, so I guess well have to be patient with them since we cant all be ROPERS.
As an ex ranch hand and has been rodeo cowboy I thought some of you could appreciate the on going humor between lifelong hunters/adventure seekers and moms, not to mention taking a poke at some of our Roping buddies. ''winmag''
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I was a DIY cowboy for a while but have all my digits. Can't/couldn't rope or ride worth a squat.

Got on a 1/2 grown Angus bull @ one of the regular Wednesday night gatherings at the local arena. Made it out of the chute. The little sucker was as solid as a cement block. On the third jump/buck he was coming up and I was coming down. I got credit for being 'straight' during the critique, but got no points for the stars that appeared. I landed gracefully on my head. Lost about an inch and a half of never to be recovered height.:rolleyes:

Also note that I got bucked off of every horse that bucked with me on it. Once was on a hell of a side hill in some deep cedars during hunting season. That one really sucked as I came across a beautiful 4X while searching for Ezmeralda Jane who made off with my rifle.
That sucks. Ya horse wrecks are common whenever you dont want em to be. Hope you found your rifle. Id have shot the horse and went after the deer :D! Suprising not more mule wreck stories on this page. Then again, maybe Im riding the wrong horses hehehe. I had 2 wrecks in 1 day a couple years ago. First one we lost a spotting scope. Both involved a packer leading the stock not me personaly, but when the biggest :):D:Dmule went over with 2 rifles on it(mine included), I was seriously considering putting the pack saddle on the packer himself! Still a bit angry bout the boys not lettin me shoot that mule too! hahaha Oh well at least we got to hunt for a week. Beats workin!
Hey winmag Dont go thinkin that there aint no cowboys on here, some of us just dont get on a computer that often. As a former roughie, I can vouch for the fact that the timmies seem to have all the girls haulin with them, but thats only cause we dont pull no trailers around. to haul their damned old barrel horse to the rodeo. and besides the only reason there is timed events is to give the stock contractor and his crew time to get the horses and bulls sorted and loaded. How manny people would come to a rodeo just to watch ropers, them timmies are just to whinny, they dont like there steer or that calf , hes bigger than the others or he dont run the same as the others and it aint fair,but did you ever notice that the rough stock rider wasnt complaning that the bull he drew that had big old horns wasnt the same size as the other bulls, or that some were mulies, or that the horses werent the same size or that one of them bucked harder than the others, no he just delt with it an made his ride. As far as countin goes I can only go to 9 an a half, and it wasnt a rope , it was a gun safe door swing open and pinchin it off, if it had been a rope I could of undallied. As a pick up man at the rodeos I get to se some wild wrecks, and am involved in a few to, but there again we just deal with it , you dont hear us whinning about it
I never could ride anything that bucked worth a ****!! Started trying it as a youngster, and wasn't any better at it 10 years later.:rolleyes:

I always thought the guys that could go the full time and then still land on their feet were pretty cool, I just plain sucked at it........Always landed on my head and walked around not knowing where I was for a couple of hours:D

I did rope for alot of years though, still do on occasion. Won a few buckles even, and I still have all ten. Grandpa always said to keep my thumb up, pointed at the sky and I wouldn't loose any fingers thata way. He also said the fastest way to loose your fingers is to be looking at the horn instead of where the steer is going!! He had all his fingers, so does my dad.

But, a Real Cowboy can do both. Rope and ride Broncs..........we'll see what kinda guff that stirs up:)
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Same with me tried rough stock and just donated my money to the guys that were good. I never could buy a catching rope my ropes were all throwing ropes. Still play around with horses and probably always will.
we still have a couple horses and a mule , dont need to chase anymore cows ?
and as far as bronc's ... not into hitting the ground , very seldom landed on me feets !!! hahaha and anymore if'n i get thrown ? if im still alive ? i just look up and hope the s.o.b. dont step on me !!!! no more jumping up and saying im cool ? im fine ?? but they do really come in handy to get ya way back in and carry out that animal before they spoil !!!!! ill hang on to them as long as i can !!!! :rolleyes:
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