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Norma 308 Winchester, loaded with Swift 180gr A-Frame Bullets - 1 Case (200 rounds) - $249.50 shipped


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Mar 25, 2023
We are doing a few select deals this holiday season, and we are excited to offer this one:

Norma Large Game 308 Winchester, loaded with Swift A-Frame 180gr bullets. - $249.50 shipped for an entire case (10 boxes / 200 rounds).

200 of these bullets it's typically $300 by itself, never mind the norma brass.



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All of the first lot went out via UPS today. Thanks for the orders. The final lot will be here next week and we extended the sale for those that missed out. You can pre-order a case, and they'll ship when they get here for the same price.

We also are doing 10% off Cutting Edge Bullets with code CuttingEdge10 - Prices are 10% off MAP, so they're pretty good. This sale ends Monday.

Free shipping on everything over $150
I don't have the exact count on hand. We sold over a quarter of it on Saturday alone. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those deals that folks might regret not picking up when they had the chance. We probably will still have some for anyone waiting for their next pay check mid month. We are still fielding questions every day wondering if it's a pricing error, scam, etc. Appreciate everyone who's ordered. I'll try to keep bringing more deals to the community as I can.

The Weatherby 257 Weatherby Mag brass for only $79.95 / 50 ct is the latest one. It's about 40 bucks cheaper than what Midway charges.
Just realized it was showing out of stock. I added more -- it's not quite gone yet.

Thanks to those who got some.