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Feb 10, 2023
West Virginia
Kentucky bans hog hunting

Sounds like some horse 🐎 💩 to me . Hogs will soon figure out the traps and not come into them . Even one of the most anti gun states California has hog hunting and made it cheaper to do so . Hogs will go nocturnal from just about any kind of pressure and will respond by relocating and going nocturnal. It doesn't make an ounce of sense to limit the removal of Hogs. They will soon figure out traps and then what?
It appears to me that the People of Kentucky need some new representation and need to replace their 'Commission' along with the biologists creating this type of bad information.

Someone is making money from these decisions, I can guarantee you and it's not in the best interest of We the People.

Decommission the 'Commission'!

Traps work day or night, the type or size of the trap is the failure.

I agree educating pigs is a problem, they learn fast and don't forget. Be prepared to kill them all or don't start, it turns from fun to work quickly.

I have guys tell me that they can't catch hogs in their tradition box/cage traps. I explain how to construct a figure 6 trap and they start catching hogs. Small store bought traps work for a short period of time, problem is they are left stationary too long and pigs get wary of them.
This is insane. They are here to stay. At this point it's about managing numbers.

Trapping works. Hunting has no significant effect, but helps a tiny bit.

Banning hunting is a ridiculous idea probably formed from a committee of people who have never hunted in their lifetime.
California has a deer problem on Catalina island and with no predators to help balance the numbers there's just to many. Lots of this is due to lack of hunting on the island for years . Instead of letting hunting help and making it easier to hunt there the plan is to hire helicopter gunners and shoot everything they see . Government at work !😡. What a waste of resources if they'd make it easier and cheaper the hunters would definitely help and not leave the deer where it's shot like the helicopter gunners will. Pay for deer removal or get paid by hunting to have the numbers reduced.
Hunting is the problem, because it means management to ensure animals for the next paying customers. Shooting and killing is what is needed. You can’t target just the 2 sows and boar and let the 20 piglets under them go for next week’s customer. Hunting does not work, killing does and traps do not discriminate between 2 week old piglet and sow

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