SOLD/EXPIRED No Longer For Sale: M-70 Classic 338-300 RUM w/Nightforce

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    - Trued M-70 Classic action, ejection port opened
    - Wyatts extended magazine box. Easily holds and feeds two in the magazine, and with a little work on the magazine spring will hold three.
    - 30" Benchmark 1x9.35 twist, 5R barrel in a heavy varmint contour
    - McMillan Prone Stock
    - Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 NPR-1 Zero Stop
    - 20 MOA tactical base and tactical rings
    - Weight, 18 lbs with the mounted scope. Rifle only is 14.75 lbs.
    - 114 Rounds fired.

    I have only shot this out to 550 yds. It was the first time I had shot any rifle prone off a bipod--felt very awkward. First two shots were 3.6" apart. Next two were 2.25" apart. At 100 yds that load shot .35" three shot groups.

    I tweaked the load a little, but have only shot the new load at 100 yds. 300 grain SMK, 2815 fps, ES of 13 fps, .225". That was with new brass.

    The stock would be prettier with a new paint job.

    I just don't have the time to hunt and shoot as much as I used to, so this rifle just stays in the safe.

    $3300 shipped USA. Rifle only, $1700. Will not sell scope until rifle sells. Bipod and dies not included with rifle but are available. No trades.

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    Dec 12, 2011
    Re: M-70 Classic 338-300 RUM w/Nightforce

    Bump for a nice rifle, and PM sent on the NXS if you end up selling the rifle w/o optics.
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    Re: M-70 Classic 338-300 RUM w/Nightforce

    Pm sent to you.
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    Re: M-70 Classic 338-300 RUM w/Nightforce

    I need to mention this chamber has a tight neck and requires turning.