SOLD/EXPIRED NO LONGER FOR SALE - 6.5 280 Ackley Improved ( Remington 700 Action)


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Feb 10, 2011
Salt Lake City, Utah
I have a beautiful custom built 6.5 280 Ackley Improved for sell.

Built on a Remington 700 long action blue printed and trued by Benchmark Barrels.

Barrel is a 26 inch fluted match grade barrel chambered cut and installed by Benchmark Barrels.

Bolt fluting done by Kempfeld Custom Rifles

Bolt lightning and Kempfeld’s campfire small bolt knob installed.

Jewel trigger installed 3 lbs trigger set.

H&S Precision Aluminum bedded stock free floating barrel installed.

H&S Precision trigger guard and Detachable magazine system installed.

Vortex Viper 4x16x42 installed.

Weight - 9lbs 03 oz with scope.

This is a great rifle. Very accurate. Ballistics similar to a 264 Magnum. It is easy to reload. Full custom dies are not required for the 6.5×280 AI.I use a Redding Type S .280 Ackley Improved bushing sizer die, with a .292” Neck bushing and 6.5mm expander/decapper assembly. One pass through the sizing die forms the neck to the proper diameter, no fireforming required. I also use Nosler Custom .280AI brass, but if you don’t mind fireforming you can make brass from Norma .280 Remington or Lapua .30-06 brass(neck will be slightly shorter when using the .30-06 case).

Asking $2399.00 O.B.O
Shipping $25.00 Shipped to FFL only.

Thanks for looking.


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