1. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 prc hornady precision hunter

    Looking to try trade my box of 6.5 prc precision hunter for some good brass, don't want hornady brass, let me know what you have thanks
  2. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 Creedmor Ammo

    I have 18 boxes of 6.5 Creedmoor Nosler 140gr bthp match grade ammunition It is produced by Creedmoor Sports in Anniston Alabama. It is extremely accurate ammunition that was specifically designed for matches out to 600 meters at the nearby CMP Talladega Park Highpower matches. There are...
  3. MatrixVME

    6.5-300 Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic

    Serial number VB192116 as a 6.5-300 Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic with custom paint on stock and custom Cerakoted barrel. Leupold VX-3i 4.5x14x40mm scope. Only 40 rounds at the range have been fired through gun. $1,400 + Shipping and FFL fees.
  4. T

    6.5-06 SS remington 700 barrel 150$

    Got a 6.5-06 24in SS remington 700 barrel, appears to be a custom barrel only markings are caliber stamp .80 inch at muzzle. 1-9 twist(cleaning rod test) riflings look very good looks like a low count tube 150$ shipped, if no interest I'll throw it on ebay
  5. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 cal Barnes 120 gr TTSX

    I have for sale 4 boxes of the 6.5 cal Barnes 120 gr TTSX bullets. $32/box shipped $120 shipped for all 4 boxes.
  6. C

    6.5 cal Berger 135 gr Classic Hunter

    For sale is 4 boxes of the 6.5 cal Berger 135 gr Classic Hunter bullets. All unopened. $45/box shipped, or $170 shipped for all 4 boxes.
  7. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 cal Nosler 130 Accubond

    For sale is 3 unopened boxes of 6.5 Nosler 130 gr Accubond bullets. $30/box shipped, or $82 shipped for all three.
  8. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 cal Berger Long Range Target BT

    For sale are the following 6.5 cal bullets: 4 boxes (100 ct each) Berger 140 gr Long Range Target BT (same lot) $42/box shipped or... I'll send you all of them shipped to your door for $155. *A box has been opened previously, but it contains the original amount of bullets. **Post has been...
  9. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5 mm 129 gr Accubond LR

    I have for sale 3 boxes (100 ct) of the 6.5 cal 129 gr Nosler Accubond LRs. 129 gr Accubond LRs $44/box + shipping or $130 for the whole lot shipped. *The Accubonds in the photo are already sold.
  10. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manson 6.5 PRC Reamer used to cut only one chamber.

    Price dropped. 6.5 PRC Reamer Dave Manson. Used to cut only one chamber. Floating pilot head. SAAMI spec. .088 Freebore. $145 shipped to the lower 48 only. Paypal Friends & family or add 3%. USPS Money order Accepted.
  11. T

    156 berger in 8" twist 6.5 stability

    I'm looking to put a 6.5 prc barrel on my savage and plan to shoot the 156 berger for big game purposes but alot of the barrel company's that i was interested in don't make lower than 8" twist, and berger states the 156 is marginally stabil in a 8" has anyone had really good results or really...
  12. bkshafer

    SOLD/EXPIRED NO LONGER FOR SALE - 6.5 280 Ackley Improved ( Remington 700 Action)

    I have a beautiful custom built 6.5 280 Ackley Improved for sell. Built on a Remington 700 long action blue printed and trued by Benchmark Barrels. Barrel is a 26 inch fluted match grade barrel chambered cut and installed by Benchmark Barrels. Bolt fluting done by Kempfeld Custom Rifles Bolt...
  13. Bjt308

    Weatherby Mark V 6.5 creedmoor rock creek barrel/ patriot valley arms

    This is a weatherby mark V in 6.5 creedmoor. Barrel is a 22” rock creek #4 contour threaded 5/8-24 put on my Patriot Valley Arms. The barrel only has 10 rounds down it. The action is cerakoted midnight blue and the trigger has been worked to about 2 pounds. Overall the gun is in good shape...
  14. Nomad8961

    VIAS 6.5 muzzle break

    Stainless break, 1/2x32TPI. Brand new in box, never used. Decided on a different break for my build. 80.00 plus shipping or make offer call or text 815 543 6357
  15. seidersjoden


    Very clean and well kept 6.5 PRC. I've used this hunting and in a few long range competitions. This shoots VERY well. Round count is 723. Firm on Price - $3950 GA Precision Tempest short action right handed. GA Precision did the gunsmithing. Bartlein - Heavy Palma 26” 1-7.7” twist barrel 2.5lbs...
  16. specter29

    Ar15 6.5 Grendel scope advice

    I picked up a 6.5 Grendel from a friend and need recommendations on a scope for for it looking at something less than 10 power. It will be used to complement my 26" 22-250 Ackley rifle for coyote hunting this will be more of a dedicated woods/truck rifle.
  17. 3

    26 Nosler Rem 700 Barrel, threaded&fluted

    Started this project and started to stray. I have a 26 nosler fluted barrel, mountain contour, 26" length with threaded muzzle, brand unknown. clean rifling and bore, absolutely no cracking or alligatoring, very low round count. I also have about 20 loaded rounds/brass to include as well. $200...
  18. 3

    Criterion Savage Prefit 6.5-284 Norma Hvy Bbl, Dies, and Brass

    Cleaning out my hobbyroom... I have a Criterion Varmint contour, 6.5-284 Norma bbl in 26" length, 1-8 twist, about 20 Norma brass and 20 lapua brass, and some loaded rounds as well. Barrel shot 2 bullets, 140 vld and 140 gold dot with h1000 and h4831 in 1" groups at 290 yds with first load...
  19. jbo829

    6.5 PRC ammo

    Why hasn’t any other ammo manufacturers stepped into the 6.5 PRC world is it a round that’s probably not going to be around long I’m really considering this for a build would it be a waste work has stepped up and won’t be able to reload much
  20. Overkill338

    6.5 Weatherby RPM

    Rebated Precision Magnum. I was wondering why this odd cartridge popped up. I do understand the .473" rim allows it to be built on a .30-06 bolt size. I honestly think the idea would make a better .25. The last new quarter bore I can think of is the WSSM. The 6.5 market is pretty flooded lately...