Nikon prostaff 3 9 x40 ?


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Oct 10, 2014
Does anyone use these scopes ?
Are they good quality for being in the $ 200.00 range ?
I'll only be hunting woods and fields .

Thanks for any thoughts !
I have beenusing Nikon's PROSTAFF Scope's for years and continue to use them today,by choice,not because I do freelance PR work for them. I have to buy my scope's like everyone else and that's why at least 3 of my deer rifles wear PROSTAFF's. Here's a pic of my Father In-Law at 78 (now 79!), practicing before we head to KS to fill the freezer. Took a bit of time and patience to get him to give up iron sights and start using magnified optic's but once he did he went from a box of shell's per deer to 1 shot on deer! He has gone 14 for 14 with one shot stop's the last 7 years. Hard to beat that. The PROSTAFF 3-9 is Nikon's biggest seller, very good clarity,price and Nikon's reputation behind it.

Thanks Bman,

Can they be bumped off zero easily ?
What is the torque recommendation?
Will they stay zeroed through all magnification levels ?
Turret caps protect the turret's so no worries there.
I torque my scope rings to 20 in/pounds.
Should not be a problem keeping zero through all magnification settings. That being said, your BDC reticle distance changes as the magnification changes. You can print a distance chart from Spot On showing the corresponding distances through each magnification setting, very helpful.
Thanks Mr. Bart ,
I thought I bumped my scope out this year , I missed two deer and I had to check it .
I was 6 " low , but the turrets never moved , I always keep the caps on ! This is not a Nikon

This is what I was talking about with Spot On and the distances changing depending on the magnification setting. Print out the BDC sheet, laminate it and keepit in your pocket.
Even my Nikon 4-16 scope I rarely shoot with it past 12X. 12X still gives me a great field of view around my target.

Can a scope get bumped off zero without the turrets being disturbed ?

Absolutely. I had a rifle I was hunting with in KS that I told my Father In-Law to put in the scabbard in the back, what he did was put it in the case and then intot he back of my Polaris Ranger which we then drove over hill and dale to get to our eve hunting site. I saw my rifle and feared the worst which was soon to be proven a reality. I took a shot at a doe 200 yards away and hit 6 feet right. Fortunately there was a light covering of snow on the ground and I could see my impact. I adjusted my point of aim and down went the doe. My scope turrets were exactly where they needed to be, it was just all that bouncing around in the equivilent of a pick-up bed changed my point of impact.
I rezeroed the scope when I got home and have never had another incident. My son dropped his rifle with a PROSTAFF 3-9 scope while climbing down a 20 foot tree stand ladder. I figured that at the very least the scope would need to be sighted in again and maybe the glass was broken as well. Glass ended up being fine and 2 shots at 100 yards showed there was no change in zero either.
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