Nikon 6-18x40 MD Question

As far as i know all the Nikon's are 12x--
I was looking at buying one, i was not sure what the MD setting was. Has anyone 'done the math' with thus scope and use the 18x power setting?
Absolutely. I never apply a scope for rangefinding at a lower than highest power. Mine calcs out , AND MEASURES 2.4 IPHY @ 18x (dots become ~1/2" instead of 3/4's at cald. power). Mine is used for rangefinding and windage (turret for elevation) at this power for prairie dogs out to ~500 yds. on this 17 Fireball XP--

I've only used mine once to try and range them, but conditions were hot and i was in an uncomfortable prone position laying on rocks. Was still able to get within ~10 % of lasered out to about 300 yds. or so most of the time. IMO, it's still considerably better than guessing.
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