Nightforce UL 34 rings with Steiner 5-25 issue

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    Dec 24, 2004
    My new Steiner 5-25x56 showed up today and I played with it a good part of the morning everything worked flawless. Got to the house and mounted it on the 408CT. I was using nightforce UL 34mm 6hole rings. Well everything squared up looks great take it outside and left focus knob wont turn...WTF? Called Steiner they said send the scope back in. Had to go back to work, just got home a bit ago. Pull the scope out of the rings and everything works fine!!! ??? The top piece of the NF rings did dig into the scope slightly (why wont burris make SIGNATURE ZEE 34mm Rings) but not any worse then I have seen other ring marks. Nightforce doesn't recommend lapping there rings.

    I tried leaving the rings finger tight to the base to see if something was off there but as soon as I tightened down the top halves the focus knob gets very "gritty" turning it. By tightened down I don't mean torqued down just snug.

    Is this a Scope problem or a Ring problem? (I put a square on the base and its as level as can be)