NightForce Turret Question


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Feb 2, 2005
I own a 3.5 - 15 x 56 Ill np1RR Varminter with low mount (coin slot) elevation and windage adjustments.
I have had this scope for a while obviously and love the scope .
Now my question... for the purpose of LRH
I would like to have some tactical turrets installed. maybe even load specific to my Bullet of choice...
Nightforce is out of stock on the parts to do this and I was wondering if there is a optics shop or individual that I can have this change made at ?
I know I can sell it or move it to another rifle but I would still like the option of doing this change if it is able to be done...?
I do not know of any shop that will do that but you maybe able to put a NPR1 reticle in it so you can do holdover shots.

The Nightforce NXS lineup is a great way to go!

Mike @ CS
CS Gunworks is now CS
I understand the option of changine the reticle is a very good and viable option, but

My added question is …?

My NF Varminter scope has Coin Slot adjustments for elevation and windage with dust covers.

I would like to put a after market (Stoney Point) or others…?) target knob on it for him.

Currently I can not find a target knob listed as (will fit) my Nightforce scope.

Can you tell me if the Leupold Dust cover threads match the Nightforce dust cover thread pattern.

And then a long shot question is:… will the Stoney Point Target knobs work for me on this scope…?

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