SOLD/EXPIRED nightforce nxs times 2


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Aug 13, 2007
Dickinson ND
i bought 4 new scope last week so i have to thin the heard alittle. im only selling 1 of these so which ever sells first.
1 is a 8x32x56 nxs with np-r1 and moa knobs. scope is in good condition. you will receive box, papers, sunshade, and covers. also you have the option to get the seekins 6 screw rings. im going to say there are rings marks only because i dont know because i havent had it out of the rings and wont until it sells. this scope is in the middle on the tube gun( for sale soon).
scope 1600 with rings1650
2 is a 3.5x15x50nxs with the np-1rr with moa knobs. scope is in great condition very few roinds fired with this scope. you will receive box, papers, sunshade, covers and scope. if you want the tps rings i will sell them with the scope. dont think there are marks since this was installed properly and was only on my 22-250ai.
scope 1350 with rings 1400

this is the only picture i have right now you are only buying what is stared above 8x32 middle and 3.5x15 is the second from the right
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