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Apr 29, 2015
I picked this up on an impulse last week thinking I'd use it to do some long range shooting and hunting, but after handling it next to a couple of my other rifles I decided that, with the optic I want to use, it'll end up a bit too heavy for me to fit into the hunting role I'd imagined. Therefore, I'm considering passing it on to one of you gentlemen before it persuades me to purchase another expensive optic for it.

This is a Tikka T3 CTR in .308 winchester. It has a 20 inch, medium contour, 1-in11 twist barrel that is threaded at 5/8X24 at the muzzle to accept your choice of muzzle accessories. It also comes with a single piece rail mounted to the top for the convenient mounting of optics. The most unique feature on this rifle is its addition of aluminum (rather than the usual plastic) bottom metal designed to accept 10-round metal TRGS magazines (instead of the usual 3 round plastic mags). Also included are removable butt-pad spacers that allow the user to adjust the length of pull to his desired length. This gun is brand new and has never been fired at all since leaving the factory. All factory paperwork and box are included.

My sale price is $900 for this rifle, face-to-face in the Fort Worth area. I'm losing some money at that price but that's just part of the hobby so my loss is your gain. Buyer must show a valid Texas photo ID to purchase and must be legally eligible to own a firearm. Transactions with Texas CHL holders make me feel even better.