For Sale NIB Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56

Discussion in 'Optics For Sale' started by Joemac6324, Sep 11, 2019 at 9:43 PM.

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  1. Joemac6324

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    Jan 28, 2015
    I have a new, never mounted Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56 scope with the 4w-I reticle for sale (perfect, unused) along with the ballistic flex turret, box, and paperwork that go with it. I bought this scope intending to hunt with it, but the next week they announced the Swaro DS was for sale. Therefore, it was never used because I bought the DS a week later which is currently being used. I’m asking $2,800. Buyer pays shipping and insurance on it. Pictures to follow... Thanks, Joe III
    ([email protected]) 9/11/2019

    97084409-6BF5-4093-B326-3FA350DE1F04.jpeg E4BC19DD-5228-4470-AD49-B351EC291484.jpeg D0965C54-06A7-4878-BA3E-7D55C5C15391.jpeg 7B338896-62ED-479F-B250-D42287FB2116.jpeg 2AD69F16-AB25-49DD-8DF8-CFB83594ED61.jpeg CAAC7AB7-CF43-4D1F-85AF-B447DCB281E3.jpeg 4B6A00E3-FD2C-4278-B86D-C9C9D00CD701.jpeg F1A8D183-C8A2-4982-8D1A-F86179295648.jpeg A8A2195B-F5E0-4C15-B4A5-B667F0F28439.jpeg EAFBB5A5-D76B-408F-B603-A1A820E5E581.jpeg
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