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    Jan 31, 2013
    hello everyone! looking forward to post ,read , and learn as much as i can. i have read alot of informitive posts on reloading,scopes, and shooting on this site over the last year. I live in oliver british columbia, and am 2 years new to long range hunting, shooting, and reloading. my hunting areas range from 1100 feet- 4700feet in altitude. i am shooting a 300 wsm savage weather worrior for short to mediam range, 50-500 yards, using factory winchester 180 accubond ct. getting 3/8 moa @ 100 yards. for longer range i have a savage 110 fcp hs precision 338 lm. still playing with powder and bullets with the lapua. anyways just wanted to introduce myself , looking forward to chatting with everyone. gun)