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Mar 28, 2004
I going to be getting into long range shooting and have trouble deciding on a good long range scope. The gun stores all seem only to be interested in talking about Leupold or Nikon scopes. I understand that it is very important to get a decent scope, but find it hard to believe that you have to spend almost a grand.
I am purchasing a Remmington 700 Sendero SF in the Remmington 300 Ultra Mag. I will be shooting paper, for the most part, but may do some hunting.
I want a variable power scope say 6x20, and would be willing to spend 500 bucks or so. Is this possible...or should I stay with the Leupold or Nikon and spend the BIG bucks.

Daryl, Look into the Burris 6x-24x-50mm Black Diamond, 30mm tube, Side focus with Ballistic Mil-dot or fine plex, $699 at Midway for the Mil-dot, outstanding optics that includes great clarity/resolution, or try the Burris 6x-24x-44mm Signature Select, 1" tube, same outstanding optics but has the objective in the front, these are $534 at Midway. Contrary to popular belief, Burris has one of the best warranties in the business and will back it up, if there's something wrong with the scope, they'll fix it, they did have a qaulity control issue awhile back, but that's behind them, I don't feel as though i'm a guinea pig in the least, especially when I got 7 of them. Jay

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I'd stick with Leupold, or Nikon, but be leary of Burris's optics. I still hear of people having problems with them and will keep on waiting to see what comes of them in the future. They have good glass, but Leupold and Nightforce have unparelled gurantees and service, and they stand behind it too. IOR, USO and Burris don't have my confidence YET! Great if they have Jay's and others confidence, cause I get to hear about how well they do in the future.
I'm no guinni pig though, work too hard for my money, sorry folks...

If you want to spend $3000 or more USO has the SN9, but I'm not jumpin out on that limb just yet either.

For about $1200 there's my favorite, the 5.5-22x56 Nightforce NXS with the NP-R2 reticle, which is quite the favorite around here and for good reason.

Another good one I'm told, is the Bushnell 4200, hard to beat for the price I hear.

If it were me, I'd opt for the lesser expensive Leupold VXIII with that new reticle they have out, the Boone and Crockett. Money well spent, and you'll always be able to sell it for a good price and upgrade later if you so desire.

That's my 2 cents...
of note: if you look at the match results at no one is shooting the 300ultra Plenty shoot the 300 weatherby 300 win mag 300 ackley 6.5-284.

As far as scopes - everyone pretty much uses either nightforce or leupold. Forget about the mildot or ranging reticle...your just goining to be using your dials. Personally I had a leupold 6.5-20 LR m1 and I sold it and got a nightforce ...nightforce optics are far superior. If your going fixed power I'd get leupold mark 4 if your going variable I'd get nightforce. If you want the best product for the price get a bushnell 4200. The glass is better than leupold and close to nightforce and as good as the other european high $ junk.

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Hi Daryl,
A 1" tube 6.5x20 Leupold can be had for $400 if you look hard enough. They have 44 inches of adjustment at 100. Even with lackluster loads, most any bullet over 180gr in the 300 rum will get you to 1000 with adjustment to spare. Premier Reticles will add a target turret, for $60 shipped so probably $100-$110 to do both. Takes about a week. Mount it in some burris signature rings with 20 moa offset and there you have it.
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