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Dec 13, 2002
mathias wv
Hi guys, fng to the world of real long range hunting. have taken deer to 487 yds with my custom STW but nothing Like I see you guys doing. still trying to break the 550 yd barrier on groundhogs with my RRA varminter. I'm sure I'll learn alot here
Hello, James

I'm something of a new addition here myself, and you're right--if you want to learn, this IS the place. I'm new to the shooting sports in general, but being originally from Minnesota, I had the chance to do some long-range stuff on or over a number of small lakes. It's great when they freeze over, because everything freezes nearly perfectly level, so actual testing was made a tad easier, and considerably more accurate. I have yet to take any big game out beyond 485, but I've popped a couple of rabbits at just over 600. Enjoy your time here, and if you've got any questions, post `em [I love reading new things!]

Welcome James and Cybra;

I have been gone a bit and and welcome you both.

James tell me about your STW and its diet.

Cybra, wherebouts MN ya from. I am from the NW corner (TRF)

Built by Mark Bansner on a 700 LH action, has a lilja 26" fluted stainless barrel/w break. Bansner synthetic stock, and a loopy 6.5x20 in loopy mounts. whole outfit weighs 7 3/4 pounds
I shoot 88 gr. of H-1000 behind a nosler 140 ballistic tip, lit up by fed. magnum match primers @ 3602 fps with an ES of 16fps. has shot in the .2's but I can't do it every day.
Hello, Nodak!

Another Sven? I'll be damned! I used to live about 30 miles northeast of Grand Rapids, if you know about where that is; and I'm assuming you do, since--once you get up that way--towns are far and few inbetween <thank God>. Currently I'm stuck in the Sunshine state, but come this spring I'm heading back. I used to work on a resort up that way on Spider Lake. Quite the life; a ****er the resort had to sell! Now if I could just get my two custom guns fully up and operational, I'd be a happy man upon my return!

Yessseriii, 99% Pure Lefse.. Dang I miss Gramma's norsk'e goodies this time of year. Yep, know the area fairly well with friends in Cohasset. I left 13 yrs ago and spent the last 12 trying to figure out how to get back.... Almost there.. Get this, my dream is to live in Fargo and make a good living.... That statement really gets me looks... What people don't realize is that Mulies & Elk are a 1/2 day drive. Whitetail all around, Moose at the farm, World Class Walleye fishing within a couple hours any direction and miles & miles of nothing..
(ya can dress for the cold, far easier than the heat. Besides it ain't cold til -30 and that only lasts 2 months anyhow..

Glad to make your aqaintance..

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