Newbie from Washington with question about mk 6


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Nov 27, 2012
Hey guys, I joined to hopefully get some insight for long range shooting. I'm starting out with a LaRue OBR with a Leupold mk 6 3-18x44 and an h58 reticle. I also wanted to come on here to discuss a potential issue I may be having with my new optic. So I slapped everything together and went to the range to sight in my new optic. I started the day out with my elevation bottomed out. I was shooting high at 25 yards. Note I was only at 25 to get on paper then I was going to go out to 100 to make the process easier. I was using the proper mount for the 20 MOA rail so I know that couldn't be the issue. I the. Went out to 100 to see what it it do at that range and same thing. So for two hours, I played with the elevation by loosening the hex making sure it was all the way down, and it was, then I tightened it back. I moved the turret up and down a few times also. The last thing I did was went all the way up on elevation and took it down a revolution and started hitting paper. I was low, then cranked it up til I hit dead center. Is there any explanation on what was going on with the turret/reticle? I noticed with my scope being zeroed, I have about 11 mils until my elevation is tapped out. Does that sound about right? I would think there would be more mils. Anyways, hopefully I have been detailed enough so the problem can be identified if there is one. I'm definitely new to all this, especially with mils. I'm hoping to do a box test later this week to verify any tracking issues.