NE corner washington state newbie


Nov 27, 2009
Hey there i live in spokane WA, i hunt alot of bear and elk in my area... i do alot of 500 yd shooting with my savage model 12 .223 but i am really looking to step it up into the 1000 yd range and aim my sights at bear and elk mostly... i was just wondering what your guys thoughts were on the cal most likely to get the job done??? anyway thanks for letting join see ya in the forums...gun)
First of all, welcome to LongRangeHunting.

You will have a lot more responses to your question if you post it in the General forum. Not everybody reads the Members Intro forum. ready for a lot of suggestions and opinions about a long range elk or bear cartridge/load combo.:)
take a look at any of the 300-338 mags. and head out to Mica to get some LR practice. I built a 6.5 284 and it's a great LR gun but I think it's a little light for what you want to do.
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