Newbie from UT Long and pic heavy


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Feb 20, 2013
Hello all,

Just recently picked up myself my first rifle I would actually consider long range. I decided on a Savage model 110 FCP with HS Precision stock in a 300 Win Mag. I thought about the 338 Lapua for awhile, but cost and weight swayed me to the 300. This will be mainly used for hunting so weight came into play. Here is a pic of the rifle when I first got it.


The first thing I did when I recieved the rifle was sent it to Hollands in OR and had them install the QD Radial Baffle Brake on it.


For a scope I was considering going with a NF 5.5-22 for a good time then I started talking to some people and looking into the Burris E3 scope. For what I am doing and to save some money over buying a $2k scope then another $1k on a rangefinder I decided on the E3 that has it all built into the scope.



I got the scope mounted up which was probably the easiest scope I have ever put on. Just mounted the Burris tactical bases then the Burris E3 mounts right to that. Not much to worry about if it is level or how the crosshairs are setting. I needed brass for the 300 as this is the first one I have owned so I went to Wally world and they had loaded 180gr Federal soft points for $19.99 a box of 20 so I figured that would get me started with sighting in and I would have some brass to reload afterwards.

It didn't take long to have the barrel broke in and the rifle shooting under MOA. I took it to WY with me about 2 weeks ago and took it to the local range. They have gongs set up at various distances and I figured I would just try the scope out and see where I was hitting even though I hadn't entered any info into the scope yet. So on factory settings I ranged the first gong at 545 yds. The scope gave me the hold over and a .9 wind value. I put the dot on the gong and had my brother watch in the spotting scope. First shot and I see the bullet smack the gong then hear the report. I was pretty amazed. Up to this point my firthest shot was 317 yds on a mule deer a few years ago.

I told him to move back to the next gong. I ranged it and came up with 664 yds. The scope gave me the holdover and wind value. I forgot to compensate for the wind and hit just to the right of the target. I loaded another round and held a .9 wind and second shot connected. My brother got behind the rifle and connected first shot.

I finally had enough brass to work up some loads and do some testing. I decided on the new Berger 185 gr Classic Hunting Hybrids. I loaded them up with H1000 and seated the bullet at 3.475" so they barely fit in the magazine. After shooting all the loads I found that max load was the best with a 5 shot group under 1" at 100 yds.


My next challange was to figure out my drop at 750 yds. I started out with an 8' sheet of plywood because I had no idea how much it would drop at that distance. Well the plywood wasn't enough and I just hit DRT at the bottom of the target. I decided to use some stuf I had laying around and built a 12' tall target out of 2x4 and some thick plastic weed barrier I had in my garage. I put a black tie down at the top of the target so I had a good horizontal marker for my scope crosshair.

You can see the target if you look to the right of the road up the hill.

After shooting I averaged out my shots and came up with a drop of 108". I plugged that into the scope with the BC of the bullets I am using and now I just need to get out and see if I am on target or not.

Sorry for the long read. Look forward to learning from members on the sight.