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    Oct 22, 2013
    Hello all,

    I joined this site to get an insight to long range shooting/hunting. Most of the info I get is from wanna be shooters not real shooters with experience.
    I've been a pistol guy most of my adult life. I've reloaded for most pistol cartridges. I do have some basic rifles. 17, 17hmr, 22, 223 ar, 50 cal smokeless savage (my favorite). Last years kill shot was 349 yds. I'm happy with that, but wanted more.. So I purchased a new Browning eclipse m-1000 7 wsm. dont ask me why. but I'm determined to at least give it and me a chance. The purpose/reason for this gun is to put it on paper at 1k or beyond accurately and consistently, and also use it for hunting purposes, deer, coyote, if i get a chance at muleys or elk. I actually dont know how leathal this gun is and what the limits of a clean kill would be with this gun.
    ok, I've got the gun, a 20 moa base. still looking for a bi pod that wont do too much damage to the stock, a good sling for it, wind meter, I've been looking at vortex scopes. and the local guy here reccomended the pst 4x16 but I dont know if he is just trying to sell me a scope or if this is the best in my price range. (900)
    I also have other issues. I was not in the military. I have no long range background with rifles or scopes. And with the scopes there are so many variances that i dont understand yet, and need direction for knowledge if pointed in the right direction. I'm not afraid to read or learn, but dont want to be reading the wrong stuff. My scope concerns are these, first plane & second plane reticles, moa, mil. how to figure all that in, and do i need that knowledge. I sighted my muzzle loader in at 4 in high at 100yds it has a burris 3x10x40 ss but i've also shot hundreds of round with it, and know my limit. I want to learn how to dial in what ever i see. Anyways thanks in advance for reading this long winded newbie from indy. who's over 50 and looking to get back into shooting again. Its funny there are alot of people with similar questions about this and are either afraid to ask, or get wrong info from people who are wanna-be's, and not done any of it.
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    Welcome. You have found a great site. There are a lot of guys on this site that are just extremely knowledgeable and always a ton of help. Will forget more in their sleep than I know. I would not buy the 4 x 16 scope if your wanting to shoot accurately at 1 k. If your wanting the Vortex line which Im a huge fan of get the pst 6 x 24. I prefer the MOA. Find your pet load that your rifle likes. Chrono it. Then there are a ton of programs you can use to create " cheat sheets". Dope it and shoot. Verify and take notes. Practice , practice, practice. Its a ton of fun. LOL. You have just chosen an expensive hobbie thats very addicting. Welcome.