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Nov 4, 2009
Hi my name is Winn, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Recently I inherited these dies. They were made at a place called Hollywood Gun Shop. The caliber stamped on the side is one I have never seen. Would anyone have heard of 300 Imp Mag as a caliber? Thank you in advance.
Well, Winn today is not your lucky day. First you live in Utar, you also live in SLC and lastly you picked me to respond. :D Note: being from south idaho I am obligated to give you Utar boys some grief.

Just guessing, as I am on authority the subject, but others who are famiiar with me will check in to see what kind of bad information I'm giving and correct it.:)

300 Imp. (improved) Mag (magnum) could mean several things.

The only cartridge with the name 300 Mag is the 300 Winchester Magnum. Odds are that some one back in the day of Hollywood Gun Shop, wanted to do a bit of wildcatting and improved the cartridge by either creating a steeper shoulder, straightening the body or both.

Sorry that's the best I can do.

Go here for some additional info: Hollywood Gun Shop Catalog [Archive] - THR
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