SOLD/EXPIRED New wireless game camera management service - seeking hunter feedback.


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Oct 31, 2017
Colorado Springs, CO
Hi all :D

We've just created a web application allowing users to receive and view cellular game camera images remotely from any computer or mobile device with internet access.

We're preparing to "launch" in December, and are looking for honest feedback from the people who could benefit most from this platform: hunters.

Please leave a response regarding your initial impressions of the service - features you think should be included, features you find unnecessary, any spots for improvement, anything that doesn't look right, etc.

We want to make this as easy and user-friendly as we possibly can, so please note anything you have even slight difficulty with, and we will address it immediately. Your feedback will be heard, and used!

View demo here:

Current feature list:
  • Click a camera's image or camera name to display all images belonging to that camera.
  • Click an image in the "all images" window to see a larger slideshow for that camera's images.
  • Remotely configure camera settings at any time using the "Settings" button on a camera.
  • Search images using image recognition keywords like "deer", "animal", "sunset", etc. (WIP)
  • Share any images via text/email with the "Share" button on a camera.
  • Save images as favorites using the Star icon to keep track of the best photos.

Thanks so much for your feedback, if you have any questions or comments at all, please let me know either on this post or through a PM. :)