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Nov 28, 2009
Thanks for all the great info posted on this site. I'm hoping one of you can help me with what I think is a neck tension problem. I am reloading for 270 WSM. I purchased a Savage 12 LRPV this summer and bought norma brass and forster FL sizer and micrometer seater. Initially results were frustrating because I tried too many variables at once. I was trying to shoot Hornady 130gr SST's and 110gr Vmax's. I have established that the gun does not like the SST's because it shoots Nosler ballistic tips very well. I'd still like to shoot 110gr bullet but cannot get them to seat uniformly. My brass has been fired twice and annealed by rotating in a propane flame until it just began to glow. They are ultrasonically cleaned with citranox after each firing. What's happening is this: when I try to seat the vmax's some seat very easily while others require much more pressure to seat and mic out long when measured. The bullets even have a visible crimp from the seating die. I'm planning on trying some factory round and seeing how they do. I'm also planning to get some new brass and keeping the torch away from it until I see how it does. Any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks

With just two firings on your brass i would say you have an annealing problem. You might try anealing your brass a few more times to try to even out your neck tension. When you aneal your brass make sure you have a consistant flame around the top of the neck of the case. Just dont hold the flame on one side of the case until it turns red. I think there is an article on on how to properly aneal a case. Hope this helps.
thanks for the reply, I had thought of doing that. I've read the article you mentioned several times.I recently built an automated annealing machine to help eliminate some of the variability. I just need to work out the details on setting it up. Thanks, E

Is your case length correct? That is the only thing I can think of that might make the crimp. If it is seating it deep enough, the edge of your die could make contact with the case.

I anneal my 30-06 after 7 firings, I would think after 2 your cases would still be ready to go.

I would make sure I had my resizing die set correctly then give it another go; measure the inside diameter of the case necks for uniformity after resizing.

I am new to reloading, (I don't know how experienced you are,) but I was not resizing my necks correctly at first. Recheck your directions and make sure everything is exactly as stated.
Good luck!
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