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Apr 21, 2012
I've been shooting for fun for a lot of years, but this last year got more exciting...something new. I bought a Mosin M91/30 cheap at Big5 that turned out to be an ex-sniper. I mounted a scope...I never needed a scope before just to shoot until my eyes stopped working equally near and far...then I started playing with ballistic calculators...and add to this GPS to measure distance. Then one day all of the planning and prep came together...I hit a target 616 yards away on the very first shot...then I made the calculators adjustment to hit a target 400 yards away and hit it first shoot...that was just awesome! I didn't have to walk 30 rounds of ammo to the target!

So then a bonus from work gave me an opportunity to move up in the world. I'm now an owner of a new Remington 700P in 308. Now I'm getting spoiled I think...that trigger is so sweet. This thing is so new I haven't been able to take it out to shoot...that will be soon. :cool:

But, wow...all of the stuff I've been reading...break-in the barrel...don't break-in the barrel...all of the cautions about cleaning...well, I've bought a Dewey rod and bore guide. And what ammo to use...hmm. So, I'll have lots of questions...most will be basic...I don't want to assume anything.

So, one of these days soon...that dime at 100 yards and target at 1000 yards...I will own them!
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