New Member, Jeff, Fullerton CA.


New Member
Nov 28, 2012
So my names Jeff, and I'm new to this. I'm looking to purchase my first hunting rifle. I was looking for the Savage 11/111 in a .308win online, and this forums giveaway contest showed up on my page.

I currently have a Browning BT-99 for trap. I've go shooting with friends often and have experiences firing a couple .22LR, some other shotguns, and a bunch of hand guns, but I am just now getting into the idea of going hunting.

I live in Fullerton, CA. I'm a musician (drums) and a home brewer.

Since i'm new, i would gladly take any advice on guns to buy. I've lurked around on Firearms and related articles for a while and done some research, but I don't typically buy anything until i've learned as much as i can about it, so the more information the better.

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