New member for Australia


New Member
Oct 26, 2012
Brisbane, Australia
G'Day all , New member from Aus, Been stalking the forum for a liitle while now & thought it was about time I joined up. Been hunting and shooting most of my life, grew up in New Zealand hunting deer, pigs etc moved to Australia and kept it going , served in the australian infantry as a paratrooper now i'm running my own carpentry business in Brisbane. Did a fair bit of long range shooting in the army but haven't been involved with it since I left. Brought myself a Remington m700 mil spec 5r & am awaiting the arrival of my new vortex viper so I can start a bit of load devolpment and get back out having a bit of fun. :) Anyway look foward to having a chat with some of you in the future . Cheers
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