New Mbr from Lock Haven, Pa.


Oct 17, 2009
Hello to all. Glad to be associated with such a fine group! I have recently become curious about long range shooting/hunting. It seems that I can't get enough new information to satisfy my thirst! The more I read.......the more I want to know. I am a life-long hunter and sportsman. I can't decide if I want to pursue the benchrest or hunting format. If anyone has any direction for me please let me know. All help would be appreciated. Also, what caliber of rifle would be best the best to start out with? I do have a Rem Model 700 RUM w/Leupold Vari-X III that I purchased some time ago but I have not done much with it yet. Would it be a good rifle to start with or should I use it as a trade-in on another more suitable rifle? Thanking all in advance, RicK Fultz
welcome rick, i just pased through lock haven on my way back to driftwood. im about 50 miles up the road from you. there are other members from lock haven. as jmason said the rum is a very good cartridge. actually one or the better ones. start getting tuned into binnoculars, and i dont mean hand binnoculars. if you dont load, start thinking about that also. dont be shy about asking questions. even dumb ones.
Welcome Rick.

I'm a bit south of you if you need any help. There's a few of us in PA that are all close to you, and all willing to help.
I'm about an hour South of State College. Use the long range (1000 Yd.) at Mifflin County Sportsman.
Thanks for your reponse. I work in State College at Stocker Chevy/Subaru as their used car mgr. Should I start off by getting the 300 RUM worked on by a gunsmith?
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