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Jan 26, 2010
I was doing a custom build and then changed my mind on a few things so I have some brand new parts for sale. None of these have been mounted or used in any way. Let me know if you are interested. Kevin. my email is [email protected] pictures available for serious inquiry.

For Sale

- Krieger Stainless Steel #10 MTU, .308, 1/12 grove, 26" fl barrel blank $275.00 - Sold

-Remington 700 Stainless Steel, Short Action .308 receiver and bolt $500.00 - Sold

-McMillan A-5 Olive, S700, H-S DBM f/p, #10 MTU B/C, Full inlet Blank, Spacer System w/1" Dec. Pad, Saddle Cheek Pad, 2 Stainless steel front studs 1 rear $575.00 - Sold

-H-S Detachable Mag. Assembly Remington 700 .308 $250.00 - Sold

-Badger Ordnance Scope Rail, 20 MOA cant, Remington short action $125.00 - Sold

Thanks for looking, Hope you have a good one

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