New Hensoldt 3.5-26x56


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Mar 26, 2010
Does anybody know who will the importer of the new Hensoldt 3.5-26x56?
I have heard that Hudisco will not - against earlier assurances - be the importer.
Who has any definitive info? And when is it arriving in the US?
Thanks, marinetowgunner. I guess there's no reason to have to know this quite yet, since the scope isn't available for sale anyway. I hope it'll be clear by the time the scope becomes available in the US.
This forum is just wonderful to keep informed. It seems somebody knows something somebody else wants to know......Thanks again!
Zep, if you go to utube and look for the Hensoldt 3.5-26x56, you'll see several snippets with it, also in use.
Jeepers that is one heck of a scope. And being a Zeiss I am sure it delivers. Going to be interesting to read reviews in the year ahead. Way beyond my pocketbook but it is always fun to look.
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