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    Dec 22, 2011
    This is my First Forum ever, and I am starting my First rifle build ever. My rifle of choice will always be a Remington, its all I own in every catagory of long gun. I am wanting to build a "beanfield" rifle and I am thinking of 7mm STW, on a700 Action, w/ 28" barrel. We hunt large CRP fields in SW Mo and my .270 is great for most places, but we have a few I need more punch for the longer ranges, some of the fields are 400 plus acres, we try to hunt the trails, but we all know Mr Swamp Donkey does not always show up where he is expected. My question is with that length of barrel what twist rate should I use? Also, barrel maker is still in question, there are so many that have good reputations I dont know where to start so maybe some input in this area will help as well. Thanks for any input.