new from kodiak ak


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Nov 28, 2009
just wanted to say high and i look forward to all the great info that i can learn from this sit i look forward to learning this new to me sport of long range shooting and the help of others on this site. I have lived her on kodiak ak for six years and will be here for awhile longer. My family is a uscg and we are proud to be part of this great country and state. i have two wonderful kids and love the the wonderful outdoors and what it has given me and mt family. i hope that i can give back what it has given me.

I am moving to Ft Wainwright in May. I would love to hear what you can tell me about AK hunting. I really looking forward to Moose or Bears.
Hah! My stepdad was a coasty, actually an airedale to be specific stationed on Kodiak. Winchman on a helo that flew off the Bear. Lived in Nimitz Park (probably not there anymore) for 4 long years age 6 to 10. What a place to be a kid! Climbed Barometer when I was 9 with my 2 older sisters and the neighbor kids, lucky none of us were killed. Have always wished I could go back and hunt blacktails there, but haven't made it yet. Get yourself a good 4WD and explore as much as possible. Good fishing in the Buskin and Sultry Cove as I remember, hell just about anywhere you go. I'd imagine that town has changed a bit since 1980 when I left, is The Captain's Keg Pizza joint still open?
yeah its a great place up here from what everyone says it has changed alot we have about 8000 peoplr here. They road out to the rocket launch is paved just did that last year. The fishing well its the best i have ever seen and i have fished all over the west coast. if you every need info send me a email with a number and i would be glad to help with hunting info. as for the deer we have had three bad winters and lost alot of the deer on the north end so the south is the place to hunt which some are better spot then others. with the moose there is good hunting all over the issue is getting there might want a argo. but there is still place around fairbanks and tok that are good there are some drawing areas that are for the monsters like cordova and some all over on fort rich they have a muzzle loader and bow only drawings. in any of you want more info send me a email.
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