New from Kentucky


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Nov 27, 2014
Hello all. I am new to long-range shooting, having never taken a shot beyond 175yds.

Looking to learn how to expand my horizons in that department. I am from central Kentucky (not many 1000yd opportunities).

I have a newly gifted Remington 700 in .308 that is my starting platform, looking to learn all I can!


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May 12, 2012
Welcome! Pick up some Federal Gold Medal Match ammo with the 175 grain Sierra Matchking. It is known consistent and accurate ammo. Since the rifle was a gift, poor some money into a GOOD scope. If you can a Leupold mark 4 series, nightforce nxs, high end vortex, or something along those lines.

There is tons of good information online about the fundamentals of marksmanship including body position, natural point of aim, trigger control, and follow through. Get a log book and record your practice. Read up and the main thing is to shoot shoot shoot using GOOD practice. 20 disciplined rounds, following your mental checklist for making a clean and consistent shot, is better than a hundred rounds of undisciplined bullet slinging.
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