need info: 243 win with berger 105's and retumbo or other powder


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Aug 8, 2012
Biloxi, MS
i emailed berger for load data, but haven't heard back yet. i need some data on loading 105 hunting vld's for 243 win. retumbo powder data would be nice, but i'll take info on any of the hodgdon powders as that is about all that i have.

on another website, a guy posted up that he is using 47gr retumbo with a mag rifle primer in his 243. i just wanted to see if anybody else had any experience as i generally don't trust internet data unless i can back it up with multiple experience users.
Berger responded with the load info.

It's a standard Remington twist rate. I know they are hit and miss whether they will shoot with them but I figured I'd give it a try. It likes other 100gr bullets.
Just finished a ladder with 9.125 twist vls, 105 berger hybrids and viht N165 powder.
SD of 8, 2926 fps, 1.25" vert group at 700.
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