need a camera,any ideas


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Feb 7, 2012
wichita ks
i need to get a trail cam but have never bought one before so i dont really know what to look for and i dont have a butt load to spend( already did that on my rifle) any help?
i have had almost every different kind of TC thats out there and i can tell you by far my favorite is any covert, the battery life pays for themselves and pic quaility, if you buy cheap youll end up spending more in batterys than if you bought a good one, just take that in consideration
FWIW Dont buy a Cuddeback I have one and it takes decent pics but most of them are blk and wht even during the day and thats when it does take pictures. I talked to cuddeback on the phone and the lady told me what the problem was, apparently you cant view the SD card from a cuddeback in a digital camera because it screws up the format that cuddback uses on the card. I like to look at my cards in the field and this is a pain because you have to buy 2 cards for each camera that gets expensive.

Oh their customer service sucks, its the companies policy if they cant get your camera working within a 5min phone call they disconnect you and you have to recall and start the process over just tell them where the first call left off in the debugging process. Direct fom Beverly at Cuddeback!!!
Trail Camera's are like Automobiles...You can pay a very high price,a Medium price and a low price and get a camera that won't last long! :rolleyes:

The Reconyx Trail Camera's are very a $400.00-$500.00 and up price range...but they are very nice and dependable.

The Moultrie's are what I've been using and they are pretty good camera's with some great features.The D-55IR is a good affordable trail camera and it works well...the M-80 is better (5.0 megapixels) and a lot smaller and compact,You can set it on trail camera mode,plot watcher and on both trail camera/plot watcher.The Moultrie M-100 is better (6.0 megapixels) and has a built-in veiwer and the same features as the M-80 I mentioned...then there's the M-80 Black Flash thats more expensive but does a better job at not scaring off Deer and other Game since the red glow isn't there like a regular IR camera.

I do have a Cuddeback "Capture" White-Flash trail camera because I want color pictures day and night and it has a very fast trigger speed.I wouldn't reccomend the Cuddeback Capture IR as mentioned above it seems to have a lot of problems/issues!

The Lil Acorn is a good Brand name Trail Camera and the Bushnell Trail Camera with 8.0 megapixels is a good camera also.

Go to to review many different makes and models of Trail Camera's with many different prices,qualities and features.
I've got a Busnell trophy HD and I like it a lot. It takes good pictures, is easy to set up, and has some useful features (2 seperate field scan times per day). Battery life is also very good. No complaints.
I have got great pics with the Primos cams I use. The batts last a long time and they are well built, I had a bear mess with one and it was only scratched. Get a python master lock while your at it, they work great to lock it to a tree.
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