SOLD/EXPIRED Mystery Ranch Crew Cab + BVS NICE Frame


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Mar 1, 2013
Selling a MR Crew Cab pack in Coyote brown, in very good condition. I have used it on a few hunts, but I have powerwashed, cleaned, and waterproofed it after every outing. Included is the NICE BVS frame, with a medium waist belt and medium yoke (I am 5'11", 175lbs and it fits me very well).

Asking $440 for the setup. The only issue is a small dark spot on the bottom of the pack. I didn't want to use any harmful cleaners, but it could probably be washed out with some detergent. May 30 6 03 07 PM.jpg May 30 6 03 39 PM.jpg May 30 6 04 57 PM.jpg May 30 6 05 05 PM.jpg


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