Mule deer back to chest measurement?

Big Sky

Feb 26, 2002
Northeast Montana
I know this has been asked before but I've forgotten the measurement. On a mature mule deer buck how far is it from the top of his back to his chest on the average?
Thanks, in advance.
Troy, I saw your request and was waiting for some of the guys to mention that we started a list some time ago, it is in the archives. Here are some of my numbers:

Location Mule Deer Whitetail
Back line to belly line 22-24+ 20-22
Ground to top of shoulders 45 42
Ear width 18-22 17-18
Nose to tail 95-97 93-95
Body Width (head-on) 15+ 12-14

Walking speed 3-5
Trotting speed 20
Galloping speed 35

(I sent this to Troy, thought some of the other guys might find it intersting)
I'll look into it after my hunting seasons are over. Leaving for Montana Saturday, then homestate whitetail starts, then Colorado on December 4. Whew...tough job!
Here are some numbers that I dug up. Have never mil-ranged an elk so cannot tell you how good they are.

Ground to Bottom of Chest 36"
Ground to Top of Shoulders 60"
Backline to Brisket 30"
Tail to Nose (Over-all Length) 65"
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