Mossberg MVP Varmint 27700

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  1. MPeoples

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    Aug 1, 2012

    I am new to the group and live in PA, (Poconos). I am looking for a new 5.56/223 bolt action rifle. I see that Mossberg now offers a Model (MVP Varmint) with a removeable AR type magazines, has anyone shot this rifle? Or should I look at something else from Remington (700's) or Savage.

  2. beandip

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    Jan 1, 2013
    Yeah I own one and have put about 50 rounds through it. Unfortunately this isn't enough to know how it will hold up long term but for now It'll shoot 1 inch at 100 yards with most of the ammo I tried and under it with American Eagle Varmint Tips. I've heard a lot of other people saying the Hornady V-max shoots well out of it too. The action is a little rough because of the way it feeds, but other than that I have no complaints with it, although as I said I haven't shot it that much. The length of pull is also pretty short and took a bit of getting used to. I chose it because of the detachable mag and I like mossberg products, but I wouldn't hesitate to go with a Remington 700 ADL or SPS with the varmint barrel either.