more cold weather hammock questions

kevin a shuler

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Aug 25, 2011
Asking those experienced hammock users. Once outfitted with all needed insulation,tarp and accessories( bridge type hammock) for cold weather use, is there an actual weight savings over a lightweight tent and bag kit?. Is there an actual" ease of use" improvement and /or a comfort improvement over a tent ?. Last question can anyone recommend a bridge hammock for a 6'3 275# slug.

ol mike

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Aug 21, 2005
Back in the south -NW FL..
Hammocks belong in your back yard tied between a couple of shade trees.

They don't save any weight or space in a pack -they ARE handy in steep wooded environments where setting up a tent is hard to do .
I have packed a lightweight hammock for daytime hunting -just to really use one and they do make for a good resting place when eating lunch.
Spending a night in one was a miserable fight after about 3-4hrs. -same position more-less all the time..
If you're a young wireee whippersnapper -maybe you can handle a hammock -but I like to stretch out -roll over with ease -not going to happen in a hammock .


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Nov 13, 2011
I think that is a fair question. I know many say that you can save some room and weight but I don't know if I've saved much of either (I didn't used to weigh my gear), especially if you have under quilts, etc. For me it's the comfort factor. As I've gotten older the hammock sure feels good on an aging back. If your not comfortable, I'd say you might not have set up your hammock right or have the wrong one. You can get a pretty flay lay if you want in an assymetrical lay hammock like my Warbonnet Blackbird and many others. Obviously with bridge hammock your going to get a similar flat lay. It's a lot more comfortable than tent camping for me anyway. I'd say you still want a pretty flat campsite since you could end up a long way from your boots.

I'm not sure set up is even any advantage. If you clean some limbs off trees, hang hammock, get the right sag, hang your tarp, get your ridgeline right, etc, etc, it takes time. I'm sure some may be quicker than me at it but setting up a tent is pretty simple in my book. Lots of factors you have to adjust for setting up the hammock.

For me though, the comfort is worth any negative. Just something about it makes for a cool experience. If you don't have the right insulation, you can get cold easy. You have to do it right. A blue walmart pad works pretty good as insulation though moderate temps.

PS. I think it's the ultralite guys who are able to save weight and space. I'm not one of those guys.....although I do count my ounces these days.