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SOLD/EXPIRED Model 7 350 remington


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Mar 18, 2012
Wolfesville, MD
I have for sale is two different model 7's Both are blued

1st is a 350 Rem Mag CDL very accurate rifle shoots under 1/2" at 100 yds
completely stock $600 shipped (small amount of rust on bolt handle from gun safe)

2nd is a 7 SAUM CDL Beautiful engraved stock around 100 rds fired $635 shipped

Not looking for trades

Pics to follow
Re: Pair of Model 7 remingtons

1st is the 350 RM
the group is 2 shots 200 gr Hornadys and 2 shots 225 Sierra BTSP and shot w/ 7 power scope
scopes not included thats under .4" at 100 yds

Re: Pair of Model 7 remingtons

tried to email but it don't work. The flaws on the 350, yeah it looks bad but it is the best factory factory shooting rifle I have ever owned. The rust and pad are because of a water eliminator salts that ran over and soaked into the foam yrs ago in the gun safe.


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Re: Pair of Model 7 remingtons

I still have the 350, But Daniel Ludweig wants it but needed some time. Let's see if he sees this post and jumps on it soon. If not then if you want it Double Edge ......
Re: Pair of Model 7 remingtons

If the man has the money, Truc, then I bow out. We are still a week out at least. If it's still there when I get set, it's meant to be.
The 7 SAUM is no longer available, as far as the 350 goes I guess who ever wants it more can have it