Missouri Hogs Hammer Hunt Report


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Mar 2, 2020
First time paying to hunt hogs in 22yrs of TX hog hunting, but this was a guided fenced hunt of 500 acres. MO hilly "Sherwood Forrest" dark in the day type of foliage. My friend was a first time hog hunter and the guides let us spot & stalk unguided after I told them of my experience hog hunting TX. About an hour of spot & stalk my friend busted his first hog. It was jubilee! The guides swooped in, grabbed the hog, and took it for processing. (That was nice to just be a trigger puller)

So, I saw something these MO hogs do that TX hogs don't. These MO hogs would burry themselves into the ground and cover themselves with leaves! One could only see the top 1/4-1/3 of the hog like this. I told the guide what I saw, and he (with a TX hog hunt background) laughingly said. "They don't do that in TX!" He said he was shocked like me to see it when he started guiding at that MO property.

So we go spot & stalk some more, now knowing what to look for, daggum half buried hogs, Haha! My buddy stops me and asks if a lump about 90-100yds away was a hog. I look and couldn't tell right away, thinking maybe it was a boulder/rock. Well rocks don't have twitching ears, so it was on! Turned out to be one of the most memorable hunts. I laid down a slow 20min, ninja foot placement, between the sticks & leaves, stalk to within 15yds of this boar SLEEPING! While I was in stalk mode, I watched my feet and watched the ears of the hog. I paced myself with it's ear movement. His ears would turn towards me if I made a snap or rustle. (I'm not the best ninja stalker apparently) and I would stop and wait for his ears to settle down. So, I get to that 15yds, take a kneeling position and that boar hops to his feet like he got shocked! He spun to look right at me and I blasted him with a frontal hit with a 7-08 120gr Hammer! Hammer entered the left front shoulder and exited the same left side mid body. He ran just a bit with blood pouring out of him and crashed in the grass.

I didn't remember my optical offset/height over bore of my scope to barrel, thus the shot was low both entry and exit. I never shoot this close! Oh well, it happened quick! Glad I remembered to dial my scope down to 2X! So, that stalk & shoot was absolutely awesome! My, not so long range hunting was in fact up close, calculated, and a great success!


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