Minox has added new scopes and more reticles to their line of riflescopes

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    Dec 3, 2007
    Great news. Minox has added new scopes and more reticles to their line of riflescopes.

    I am pleased to announce the introduction of several new MINOX ZA3 and ZA5 Riflescope as well as expanded reticle offerings. The delivery of these new models is expected to begin in
    early December 2010.

    These new offerings deliver on the same core values of the original ZA Riflescope Line – Uncompromising
    Value, Uncompromising Craftsmanship, and Uncompromising Performance:
    * Designed, engineered, and tested at the Minox facility in Wetzlar Germany
    * Assembled in the USA with precision domestic and internationally sourced components
    * Include Schott glass for highest optical performance
    * MINOX M* full multi-coating on all lenses
    * Designed and styled to meet the demands of the North American shooter
    * Offer long 4”+ of eye-relief
    * Waterproof with the turret caps removed
    * Feature precise and accurate finger adjustable W/E turrets, re-settable to “zero”
    * Include a high quality neoprene all weather Scopecoat cover
    * MINOX Lifetime “Total Coverage Warranty”

    To the ZA3 line Minox will add a new MINOX ZA3 3-9x50 mm, large objective riflescope providing the enhanced low light performance. The larger objective also delivers brighter and sharper target images in all lighting conditions.

    The MINOX ZA5 Riflescope line will see the addition of the MINOX ZA5 2-10x50 mm, large objective riflescope delivering the low light, higher optical performance as detailed above. Also new for 2011 is the MINOX ZA5 3-15x50 mm with Side Focus Parallax Adjustment – providing large objective low light performance and greater long-range accuracy.
    The MINOX ZA5 product range will also be expanded by the addition of two completely new models for 2011.

    First is the very compact and lightweight MINOX ZA 5 1.5-8x32 mm. This highly versatile riflescope will be equally at home on a lightweight mountain rifle, shotgun, or big bore dangerous game rifle.

    MINOX has not forgotten the extreme range shooting sports either and will provide the MINOX ZA5/30 6-30x56 mm riflescope
    for extended range applications. In addition to the high magnification range this scope features a 30 mm main-tube for optimum windage and elevation movement.

    MINOX will also offer new reticles for 2011. The first of these is the German #4. This reticle provides heavier
    stadia lines for increased visibility in lower light, or against darker targets. Also to be offered is the new XRBDC
    reticle that provides additional stadia lines for “hold over” at eXtended Ranges. Generally the XR-BDC reticle, when sighted in at 200 yards, will provide hold over approximations to 600 yards for a modern .30 caliber center-fire cartridge. For added hunting versatility the new Versa-Plex reticle will be offered in the new ZA5 1.5-8x32 mm riflescope. Featuring a Center Circle and Plex design the Versa-Plex will be useful in a wide variety of hunting situations where fast target acquisition is paramount.

    As soon as these start to arrive in to us we will let you know. We will have all of these posted on our web site with specs and subtentions as soon as our web builder gets back from his hunting trip.
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    Dec 3, 2007
    We just received:
    ZA 3-9x50 Plex
    ZA 3-9x50 BDC
    ZA 2-10x50 Plex
    The others should be arriving in the next few weeks.
    Merry Christmas and a healthy happy New Year to all