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Jan 20, 2004
Blackfoot, Idaho
Here's my situation.

Rifle shoots good enough. I can shoot it , well almost good enough. but.......... Want that "first" shot to be "there".

Problem is once load is worked up, and drop chart developed, which is no small feat. Then any attempts to intrepret 0.1 mil differences things go to pot. At least for me. Seems to me a 1/2 mil reference would be a great help.

Don't have the time or 'temper'ment to change or count clicks when there's a "live" target out there.......

Question: Is there a reticle out there with Mil Dots then something like a horizonal line @ 1/2 mil increments between the 1 mil dots? Without too much other clutter.

Seems that there's just enough time to click the LRF, note the range then switch to the rifle and shoot.

Thanks in advance.

BTW. Love the SS Mild dot scope also Cabelas' Alaskan 6.5X20 up to about 18X
Premier reticle has a Gen 2 MilDot with a "hash" at .5 Mil I believe. Nikon also has a sub Mil cal mark as I recall.
Like you it makes me nervous to turn the knobs after the scope has ben zeroed.I would prefer the R2 reticle(MOA hashes vrs Milldot) in a Nightfourse but it can get costly to put a NF on every shootin iron in the safe.The IOR MP8 reticle is a Gen 2 with 1/2 mil hash marks and about 1/2 the cost of NF with great glass.
In the fixed power models it is almost foolproof.I have proved though that in the variable models this fool can screw it up and here's how I did it.I discovered that if you set a 6-24 IOR to 18 power the hash marks are 2MOA apart.So to get the most out of the reticle I set zero to the top hash mark and had all the hashes after that for adjustment
Problem is once the power was adjusted so was my zero
Now I set the x hairs for a 500 yard zero,leave the power turned all the way up and it does a lot better job of doing what its suppose to.

Thanks for the input. Found Premier last evening. They look good.

The IOR MP-8 looks outstanding. like the hash marks vs the dot. The Gen 2 idea seems pretty fair.

Found a 10X 30MM tube w/56MM front for $599 on sale. Otta buy it. But........
Right now I'm using a 6.5X20 which when set at a little better than 10X, my white paint dots line up between 10 & 12 some place. I calibrated it myself. Did the 3.6" thing in all 4 directions and got all the dots to line up and "painted" the marks.

Have a Super Sniper 10X which is nice. The fixed power is the way for 'me' to go. I've missed some nice bucks because I was on 3X when I tho't I was on 9X. Those ones are burned into my mind, like forever......... Never could I keep clicks straight. A drop chart w/hold over/under is no problem. I think!
Which ever scope you decide on, I would try to get one with a front focal plane reticle.
It makes a lot of difference.

I have read online somewhere, that IOR has several FFP reticle scopes still on the shelves. They have opted to go with a RFP reticle to accomadate the US shooter.

Maybe Jim @ Quality Optics can put you on one..sakofan...
SWFA has the IOR 10X56 - 30MM Unluminated (Luminated is illegal in ID for big game) for a reasonable price.

I read a review about the Cabelas Alaskan guide that said Mil Dot was consistent over entire power range NOT!!!!!! Was bumm'd when it wasn't but stay fixed @ 10X which seems adequate, so far.

XOTIC USS has the reticle in the first focal plane but doesn't have the Gen 2 Mil Dot.

BTW how much to you have to pay to get a scope that the AO numbers agree with the Range? Had an old Unertl once that seemed to be pretty fair at it......
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