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Varmint Hunter

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Dec 26, 2001
Long Island, New York
I buy components wherever I can get them but it seems nearly impossible to find anything that I need or want. I recently got an email from Midway USA acknowledging my birthday and offering a fairly good discount on every item they sell. The discount was good for 7 days before & after my actual birthday.

I looked at their site for quite awhile and realized that very few things that I wanted were in stock. However, several items did allow you to backorder the item. I put together an order on the last day of the discount while noting that several items were "backordered". Half of my order was shipped the next day. Several days later the Lapua brass and Berger bullets apparently came into stock and my components were shipped, thus, completing the order.

Moral to the story - if you have items that you can't get anywhere and Midway allows a backorder, it may just be a good option to purchase at a fair price. BTW - shipping was free too.

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