Midway mystery bullets

My Hornady 6.5 140 gr. SST bullets measure 1.409 - 1.410.

My guess is that Hornady made them for an ammo manufacturer & the innard's will be same as SST's.
Palmetto State Armory

Hague convention of 1899 bans this type of bullet. This occurred soon after phasing out black powder for hi vel nitrocellulose ammo. This type of bullet was regarded as wound aggravating or a "dum dum" bullet. Not for war combat use but OK for domestic criminals.

AR10 in 6.5 CM? I like 123's in my 6.5 CM bolt gun but don't plan on using it for self defense.
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Probably a great bullet for loading in a AR10 type platform. The cannelure allows for a nice crimp area to keep OAL in place when fed in an auto loader. Probably a Hybrid version of the SST.
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