I wrote tis on amother thread a month or 2 ago.....I've also been saying $6 gas, and no stopping inflation real soon. I still believe it.

Really bad inflation report this morning. Inflation at a 41 year high. Never been this bad since 1981.

Markets were straight down today.
Yield on the 10 year bond back over 3 % Now. It has a long ways to go before the Fed can crush inflation.
Maybe 5 to 6 hikes 1/2 point each time....Really bad juju coming, just IMHO....

Inflation is running 8 to 9 % on average......Thats for the universe of all goods.....some things have gone up 30 to 50%.

The federal reserve is going to take away the punch bowl, the needles,
the funny smoke, and your underwear by raising interest rates to 12% this next year. With average inflation running 8%, they will need to hit at least 12% to begin crushing inflation.......but it wont just be inflation they crush.....its gonna be the whole economy. Get ready for a nice big fat recession in 2023.

Booms are followed by?

Busts.....The cure for high prices is?

High Prices....

Gunbroker idiots will be eating
rice and beans, and all their 300% mark up supplies.

Policy matters. You cannot print money like water, and spend 4 trillion here and 4 trillion there, shut down all drilling and pipelines, and
regulate producers into the ground and have a stable dollar, stable markets, cheap goods and a smooth running economy.

There are consequences for stupid.

We are paying now, but will all pay even more later.

IMHO recession next year unless Fed is disbanded or stacked by the Communists w cronies......then its Venezuela 2.0, a wheel barrow of 100 dollar bills for a loaf of bread, and leaves for toilet paper....

I jumped on the Brownells 8lb'er deal you posted last week and if you added $1.01 to your cart they had a promo code for $45 off $350. It was enough to cover hazmat, shipping and tax. Worked out to $41/lb delivered.

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