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Jan 2, 2011
I am a Varmint Hunter ,retired Culligan Man,and also hunt big game Nevada and Africa .:)For these of you that have not been to Africa ,it is not always expensive .Plains game ,more types than I could name ,daily 100s of animals running free .Yes they are behind a 9 ft. fence ! Before you think about pressing them against the nearest fence ,the smallest parcel we hunted was 1500 acres largest 500,000! Baboons are varmints of the fircest kind ,and not a push over as they are generaly moving and quite wary .My last trip I took African Porkipine ,3 Jackels,3 Baboons,Zebra,Impala,Cape Buffalo,Eland.Best shot (longest) was a Baboon who stopped at 300yds to Roar his challenge at me.Pride was his last mistake.My Win 375 H&H is more accurate 3/4 inch @100.The trackers ,guide and native observer went wild ! Slaps on the back ,BIG SMILES ,and high Fives .My first trip to Africa I took Kudu ,Impala,Black Wilde Beast,Wart Hog,and 3 Baboons.Saw many 100s of game none of them available here in the States.Air Fare,14 days hunting (4 days photo shoot in ULTRA POSH RESORT LEOPARDS LIONS ELEPHANTS 20ft PYTHON WILD DOGS ALL AT 25ft or less.Am I going back YOU BET!!I will be 75 when we go this year,I will have completed remoulding our Church Kitchen by then so THE LORD willing Africa HERE I COME!!!

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