Mercury Recoil Reducers...Do they work?


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Jun 26, 2009
Arkansas Delta
I want to know if any of yall have used these and (1) Do they work (2) Is one particular type or brand better than another

I appreciate your input.

I have two C & H mercury recoil reducers on my and my wife's shotguns. My SBE is weighted in the stock and has the mercury in the front. The recoil is reduced enough that target loads will not cycle the action. It's not a gun you want to carry around all day, but it's a duck gun and it shoots 3" and 3 1/2" mags without knocking the filling out of your head. My wife's 391 is set up like my SBE and it shoots 3" Black Cloud #3 like it shot target loads without any work done to it. I won't shotgun hunt without one.
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