Meopta spotting scopes


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Nov 30, 2010
Anyone here with much experience in the field with their spotting scopes? One of the oldest manufacturers, but hardly see anything on them. I have an opportunity to pick one of the new models in 82 HD, with the 30x60 wide angle for a very good price.

So, if you have used one, would you please share your thoughts regarding the performance against others in the same price range?

Thanks in advance.
The new S2's are awesome optical systems. Completely different lens and body form the S1's. Got a chance to look through it next to a swaro on my visit to the factory in May. Where did you find an S2? I've been told they weren't shipping yet.
They aren't shipping yet - just have the chance to pick one up when they do. Just asking about glass quality in advance so I can decide if I want to get it. Does it compare favorably to Swaros?
Had it outside next to an 80mm hd and it was a direct comparison. Spent a couple of hours with the two and didn't notice a distinguishable difference in color, resolution, contrast, or clarity.

I'm holding out for the new Swarovski ATX/STX personally, but for under 2k the Meopta is great bang for the buck.
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