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Kevin Cram

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Mar 9, 2004
Danville, PA
Hi Guys,

On Friday my main computer took a major dump and as of right now I've lost all my information. Contact info, pics, invoices etc. Last evening I finally got my new computer up and running and I'm starting all over. If any of you that I had contact with via e-mail or phone could please e-mail me your contact info I'd greatly appreciate it.

[email protected]


Kevin J. Cram
oh man, that sucks.

But, there are a lot of tech guys out there that can recover your data from your crashed comp. don't throw out your old computer until you have it checked. i have a friend here in oregon that does that, but there is probably someone closer to your home.

regardless, you should have it checked for sure. depending on if your comp just crashed or if something weird happened like it caught on fire, you should be able to get all info back.

let me know if you want to ship it here and i can have my friend work on it?? i think he starts at around $150-200 for data recovery, and if he can't get anything back there will be no charge.

some guys charge up to $800 depending on the job.

good luck, sorry to hear. i've had it happen, so i know how it feels. also, from now on, buy a separate hard drive and back up your computer every week or so.
I got a virus called bot buster which locks you out of your computer completely by changing something in the registry the next time you turn your computer off. We were able to determine that the virus came from photo bucket, so beware. I wish I had backed everything up on a seperate hard drive, you can bet I have that now. I upgraded to a imac and shouldn't have any more troubles with viruses, spyware or malware. I've hung onto my old computer as someday soon someone will get a anti-virus for it and I can retrieve everything.......hopefully.
you'll like the imac, we have one of those, and some pc's. it sounds like all is not lost, good to hear. have fun with the new mac!
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